Meet Malia

Malia Frey has been helping people reach their fitness and weight loss goals for over 25 years. She has taught health, exercise, and wellness classes in colleges, universities, hospitals and fitness centers around the country. She is the weight loss expert at Verywell and provides expert diet and exercise advice to both print and online sources including, Muscle & Fitness, Zliving, GetHealthyU,,,, North Memorial Medical Center and many more.


Malia has a bachelor's degree from the University of Michigan and a master's degree from the University of California, Los Angeles. She is also an American Council on Exercise certified weight management specialist, certified health coach, certified personal trainer, and fitness nutrition specialist. She is a graduate of the National Institutes of Health Medicine in the Media program and was recently named a ShareCare Now Top 10 Online Influencer in the field of weight loss.

A word from Malia about The Daily Diet Tip

In my ongoing work as a weight loss writer and researcher, I review countless diet and exercise plans. Many of them are based on sound evidence and are likely to work. And yet, I know that most people—myself included—struggle to reach their goals.


So why do most plans fail? It’s not that the diet is bad or that the exercise program is flawed. And it is certainly not because you don’t have the strength or the willpower needed to change your body. It’s simply because the focus of most plans is on food and movement. But the focus should be on adherence.


Almost any diet can work if you stick to it consistently. Of course, choosing a diet that provides nutritious foods and allows for plenty of healthy activity is best. But the real key to success is taking daily steps to maintain motivation. 


I founded The Daily Diet Tip to help readers fortify their commitment each and every day. 


In just a few short minutes, I'll provide you with simple, quick tips that help you reconnect with your goal, invest in your well-being and gain the tools necessary to not only reach a healthy weight but also to maintain it for life. The Daily Diet Tip is the perfect counterpart to whatever diet or exercise plan you’ve chosen to follow, and it’s free!

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