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3 Products that Help You Enjoy Healthy Winter Activities

Did you get hit by the snow storm this week? I live in New York City. We didn’t get as much snow as predicted, but temperatures dropped, and parts of the city got a few inches of the white stuff. However, snow and ice didn’t derail my Central Park workouts. I still enjoy healthy winter activities with a few favorite products that make my workouts warmer and more comfortable.

  • The SholdIt Neck Gaiter with Pocket. This cozy neck gaiter has a zippered pocket to keep your keys, credit card, iPhone and other accessories. And it’s so warm! The convertible version also comes with a drawstring so you can turn it into a cute beanie if you choose to wear it as a hat. If you walk, ski, run or snowshoe outside, this cozy accessory is essential.

  • Kahtoola Nanospikes. Nothing is more awful than slipping on the ice and taking a tumble in the cold. Not only is it uncomfortable but it’s downright dangerous. Many runners have suffered sprains and even broken bones from ice-related falls. Nanospikes are lightweight spikes that attach to your running or walking shoes. They provide traction in the worst conditions without adding bulk or weight to your shoes. Want to stay safe on your run? Invest in a pair of these.

  • Urbanears Hellas. I wrote about these headphones a month or so ago when I recommended different styles of headphones for exercise, but I’m going to recommend them again. They are especially helpful for cold-weather workouts because they cover your whole ear. For years, I’ve struggled to keep earbuds secure underneath a cap and have learned that it is a losing battle. With Urbanears Hellas my ears stay warm, and I can run while enjoying club-quality sound.

What’s your favorite cold-weather workout? Do you have a product that helps you keep your program on track? Let me know by posting a comment.

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