Eat Healthy Cheese (and Win a Trip to Norway!)

One of the hardest parts of learning how to stick to your diet is giving up the comfort foods that you love—like cheese. But there are ways to include healthy cheese in your eating plan and still slim down. You just have to make smart choices about the type of cheese that you eat and of course, the amount.

Healthy Cheese Choices for Weight Loss

Like all dairy products, cheese provides health benefits. Cheese calories come from protein and fat so you are more likely to feel full and satisfied after eating it. Cheese also helps to provide the creamy, savory taste to foods that most of us love. But most types of cheese are also high in saturated fat, so you have to watch your portion size. Some healthy cheese options include:

  • Part skim mozzarella - 86 calories

  • Swiss Cheese (slice) - 106 calories

  • Parmesan cheese (one tablespoon, shredded) - 20 calories

Another smart way to consume healthy cheese for weight loss is to buy it in small pre-wrapped portions. That way you always eat just the right amount. Companies like Jarlsberg make single-serving cheese sticks that are easy to carry and low in calories. Each Jarlsberg Cheese Snack provides 70 calories, and five grams of protein

Eat Healthy and Head to Norway

For a short time, Jarlsberg is running a fun promotion inspired by Norway Day on May 17, 2017. One lucky Grand prize winner plus a guest will win a trip to Norway. Want to enter? Simply fill out the form at the contest website. If you would like to double your chances, post a photo showing your favorite foods made with Jarlsberg cheese on Facebook, using hashtag #norwayday. The Grand Prize winner will receive one pair of tickets to Norway, including airfare for two people and hotel accommodations for four nights.

While you're planning your Norway vacay, munch on a few healthy cheese recipes like the Jarlsberg Lite Cheese Salad or Jarlsberg Souffle with Watermelon Salad. Yum!

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