Create a Weight Loss Goal Chart for Diet Success

Setting a reasonable weight loss goal creates a strong foundation for success. Diet coaches and fitness pros always set up their clients with SMART goals, that are:

  • specific

  • measurable

  • attainable

  • relevant

  • time bound.

But you don't need to pay for a professional to lay the ground work for success. In fact, taking the time to set your own personal goals may be more effective than having someone else do it for you.

Set Your Own Weight Loss Goals

Simply grab a pen and paper and spend 30 minutes thinking about what you want to achieve by changing your food and activity habits. Be as specific as possible. Once you've set a long-term goal for improved health and wellness, set smaller short-term goals to act as stepping stones to guide you on your journey.

Create a Weight Loss Chart

You'll be more likely to reach your goal if you connect with it on a daily basis. So I recommend that readers create a vision board or weight loss chart in their home or office. It's a smart place to post your exercise schedule, meal plans, inspirational messages and, most importantly, your goals. Make the board as appealing as possible to help inspire and motivate you when you most need it.

You'll find plenty of ideas online. When I create vision boards at home, I use Command brand products to build a complete wall display that I can move, change, and update as often as possible without any damage to my walls. After all, goals need updating on a regular basis. I hang frames with inspirational messages, hooks to hang workout clothes and gym necessities and even a dry erase board to plan healthy meals.

Need a few ideas? Visit the 3M Command website to get ideas and complete step-by-step instructions. The possibilities are endless.

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