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The Best Sore Feet Remedies

There's nothing that derails a fitness program faster than sore, achy feet. Even if you don't participate in vigorous exercise, it is nearly impossible to boost your daily step count for heart health if your arches ache. Of course, there are hundreds of sore foot solutions online, ranging in price from a few bucks to a few hundred dollars. But these are the ones that I've found to be most effective.

Oofos Shoes for Sore Feet

The most important part of proper foot care is daily maintenance. I'm a runner, so daily maintenance involves stretching after I jog and also mini-massages throughout the day. I also find that wearing recovery footwear provides relief to my aching feet.

I recently had a chance to try out Oofos' newest recover footwear, the OOmg shoe. I am not exaggerating when I say that my feet have never been so happy. The brand has a unique OOfoam technology that supports the footbed, and a 4-way stretch mesh upper that conforms to the top of your foot. A stretchable strap adds support without binding.

I am currently training to run a half marathon on the Great Wall of China in Beijing this May. These shoes are coming along—not only as my recovery shoe, but also as my airport shoe, my in-flight shoe, and my walk-around-as-a-tourist shoe. My feet are already smiling.

More Sore Foot Remedies

So what other products pamper my peds? Here are a few more favorites.

  • Rad Rollers. These innovative massage balls improve foot health and also help massage other tight areas that might be causing discomfort. The balls are easy to pack, easy to carry and simple to use.

  • Naboso Yoga Mat. This innovative mat (used for yoga and balance training) helps stimulate nerve endings in your feet to improve stability, posture, and foot health.

  • Vionic shoes and boots. If you need a shoe for the office or for occasions where a sporty shoe doesn't work, check out the cute styles at Vionic. Designed by a podiatrist, they offer arch support to make your feet happy when you don't have time to stretch or massage your soles.

  • TheraBand Roller Massager. I keep this nifty green tool by my desk and use it every few hours. You can place it under your feet for a quick arch massage or loosen up tight hips or quads after a run. Aaaaaaah!

Remember that the most important part of good foot health is consistent care. Just a few minutes each day will keep your feet happy so that you can keep your body active and in good shape.

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