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The Daily Diet Tip Pledge for Weight Loss Success

weight loss contract

If you're serious about slimming down, it’s time to sign a weight loss contract. But not just any contract. Use The Daily Diet Tip T.E.A.M. Pledge to make sure you stay motivated and on track throughout the day.

What is The Daily Diet Tip T.E.A.M. Pledge?

This weight loss contract is based on two specific coaching and motivational strategies that have been widely researched and accepted by professional coaches and motivators.

weightloss contract

The pledge allows you to make a very specific, short-term goal (also called a SMART goal). As you move throughout the day, you commit to being mindful of your large and small efforts to reach that goal. Every small step matters because it builds confidence and gets you closer to a fit, active, healthy body. So, every small step should be acknowledged and celebrated.





When you sign a T.E.A.M pledge, you acknowledge that you may not be perfect in your path to weight loss, but your small steps in the right direction are important. And every small step should can be celebrated by the Daily Diet Tip “team” if you choose to post it on the weight loss forum. Get support, share support, and reach your weight loss goals as a group.

When to Use Your Weight Loss Contract

You can use the weight loss contract at any time, but it is especially helpful on days when you know that sticking to your weight loss program will be especially challenging. For example, if you know that a coworker is bringing birthday cake to the office, you might sign a T.E.A.M pledge to enjoy a half serving and cut back calories at lunch. That way you can let the team support you throughout the day.

Perhaps, you have been skipping your workouts and need to start over. You can sign a pledge to do a short workout to boost your confidence and get back on track. Or maybe you have been postponing the start of a new diet. Sign a T.E.A.M. Pledge to calculate your energy balance numbers so that you have a place to begin.

How to Use Your Weight Loss Contract

Here’s how it works.

1. Set a specific goal for the day. The goal should be simple, attainable, and measurable. These are examples, but you should make one that is meaningful for you.

  • I commit to taking a new exercise class this evening for one hour

  • I commit to eating fruit instead of baked goods when I’m craving sweets

  • I commit to completing three 10-minute walking sessions throughout the day

  • I commit to reaching within 100 calories of my daily weight loss calorie target

  • I commit to burning 300 extra calories today as measured by my Fitbit

2. Post your goal on the Daily Diet Weight Loss Forum.

3. Fill out a Daily Diet Tip T.E.A.M Pledge (optional) and post it in a place where you see it throughout the day.

4. Post updates about your challenges or your successes and cheer on others who have also made a Daily Diet Tip T.E.A.M. pledge

Let’s lose weight as a team. Sign your weight loss contract and post your commitment today.

Download your Daily Diet Tip Pledge Form and visit the Weight Loss Forum to get started.

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