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Tips and Tricks to Drink More Water

Are you trying to eat less to lose weight? Then learn how to drink more water during the day. Many of us confuse hunger and thirst. So when you feel hungry, your body may actually be craving fluid. Improve hydration and you may eat less. Voila! Faster weight loss.

How to Drink More Water (If You Like Water)

If you like water, then drinking more is usually just a matter of setting up a few simple reminders. I like to wear a Fitbit to track my daily activity. When it gives me a reminder to get up and move, I also use it to grab a quick drink. I might also go refill my water bottle and reset it on my desk. Of course, there are a few extra bathroom visits throughout the day because of the extra fluids. But those visits increase my daily step count, so it's a win-win!

If you don't own a fitness tracker, then set alarms on your smart phone or computer. If you are a homemaker and spend hours in the kitchen, pre-fill 8 water bottles and place them on the center shelf of your refrigerator. Every time you go to the refrigerator for a snack or to prepare a meal, grab a bottle and start sipping.

How to Drink More Water (If You Don't Like Water)

If you usually drink soda, juice, or tea then you've got your work cut out for you. Chances are good that the taste of water will leave you disappointed. So how do you reduce your consumption of sweetened, unhealthy drinks and fill up on hydrating fluids? Make water taste better.

  • Add fruit, herbs, or savory vegetables. Refreshing cucumber water is delicious. You can also drop a cube of sweet watermelon into your glass to make water sweet. Orange and basil makes water savory and curbs cravings for salty foods. Experiment and find a recipe or two that you love. It may be a simple as adding lemon or lime. Or get creative and combine your favorite flavorings. It usually works best to add ingredients an hour or two before drinking to get the full effect.

  • Invest in a SodaStream. I've had a SodaStream sparkling water maker on my kitchen counter for years. I can't live without it. If you like soda drinks because you enjoy carbonation, this kitchen gadget is for you. It carbonates your water according to your own personal preferences and you can even add a drop or two of flavoring if you can't sip your water straight. You can also visit their recipe page for creative ideas.

  • Dilute your juice. If you simply can't start drinking straight water or even flavored water, grab your favorite juice and start diluting. I recently had a chance to try Cheribundi tart cherry juice. The juice comes in different varieties. I tried Protein (tart cherry Juice plus 8 grams of whey protein) and I also tried Relax (tart cherry juice with added ingredients for better sleep). I liked the taste of both juices, but as a weight loss expert I am always concerned about the sugar and calories in juice drinks. So I diluted my juice with sparkling water to make a delicious, lower calorie beverage.

  • Avoid high priced water drinks. I recently wrote an extensive review of different trendy water products. I compared the cost and the health claims of many different waters that you see on store shelves. While some waters do offer limited benefits, regular tap water (with or without a filter) provides most of the weight loss and hydration benefits that you need. Personally, I wouldn't spend extra money on fancy designer water. I'd save the cash and spend it on a massage.

For many people who are trying to lose weight, just knowing that drinking more water can speed weight loss helps them hydrate better. If you're still struggling, post your water challenge at the weight loss forum and let's brainstorm a solution together. Got a recipe or tip to share, I'd love to hear from you at the forum as well.

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