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"It's not a short-term diet

it's a long-term lifestyle change."

Let’s face it…lifestyle change is messy. It doesn't matter whether you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle, change your level of fitness, or make another health-related change, creating new daily habits is hard. 


The key to success is taking small steps each day to continue to move closer to your goal. There's no need to completely overhaul your eating plan to align with the current diet fad or to invest hundreds of dollars in the newest workout trend. Find something that is appealing and interesting to you and give it a try. If it works, great! If it doesn't chalk it up to experience and experiment with something new. 

As a health and fitness writer, I spend my days reading exercise and nutrition research, learning about interesting foods, and trying the latest workout classes and equipment. I stay up to date on industry trends and put much of it to the test in my own life. Check out some of my latest articles and see if some of these tips and tricks might be helpful as you develop your healthy lifestyle routines. 



diet tips for fast weight loss
Lifting Weights

30-Day Squat Challenge

Take 10 minutes each day to do simple squat exercises at home. Specific instructions provided for a full month. Get a leaner, fitter lower body in just one month. No fancy equipment required!

Ready to Workout

Why (and How) to Schedule Workouts

Research investigating the timing of exercise has found that certain types of workouts are best performed later in the day. Find out when to schedule your sessions and why setting a schedule makes a difference.


Health Benefits of Farro

Farro is a delicious, nutty ancient grain that is versatile, easy-to-find at the market and super nutritious. One cup provides 150 calories, 3 grams of fiber, and 5 grams of protein. Get facts, tips, and recipes.


Ranch Dressing Calories

If you've committed to eating more salads in 2021, you may want to consider the dressing that you choose. Ranch dressing can add more calories, fat, salt, and even sugar than you might want. Check the calorie counts of different brands.


How to Start a Vegan Diet

Thinking about switching to a plant-based diet? It's important to know what to expect. Here's everything you need to know: grocery lists, recipe ideas, calorie counts, and tips to make the switch easier.

Tying Shoelaces

Safety Tips for Runners

With gyms closed around the country, many people are heading outside to run. But you may be putting yourself at risk—especially if you run alone or at night. See what tips, techniques, and tools the experts recommend to keep your workouts safer. 

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